Barium / Gastrografin Swallow

Barium / Gastrografin Swallow

The contrast swallow uses barium, or less commonly gastrograffin, to examine the structure and function of the oesophagus. The patient ingests the contrast material and with the use of fluoroscopy, the radiologist monitors the passage of the barium down the esophagus. A series of x-ray images is taken while the patient swallows the barium.


Preparation for a barium swallow:

 You will be asked to fast for 8 hours before the examination. Diabetic patients who need to take medication with food are advised to bring something to eat with them, so they can take their medication immediately after the examination.  You will need to book an appointment for this procedure. Always inform the radiographer and radiologist of any medical conditions and allergies. Female patients must inform our staff if they are pregnant.


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