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Morton & Partners is proud to announce that we now have two platforms for viewing images and reports, impax and xero.

Impax will give you the same viewing experience and tools as the radiologists use for diagnostic reporting. Kindly contact us to discuss pc requirements and to book an installation.

Xero is our mobile solution, which allows you to see images on most electronic media including ipads and tablets. Xero is a simpler viewer which requires no installation of software. Simply type and use your username and password that you were given for impax. If you do not have a password please contact us.

Contact Lizelle van Antwerpen for installation and training: 0832322272

Contact our PACS support number for client support: 083 607 4613

IMPAX 6.5 – How to find and view your patients.

  • Double click the IMPAX icon on your desktop and enter your username and password.
  • When we install Impax we create individual worklists which automatically populates with patients sent by you during a certain time period.
  • To find a patient outside this time period or for cross-referrals, follow these instructions:
    • Click on the Search as indicated below.
    • Type in the patient’s surname, followed by a comma and then the initial or first name.
    • On the right of the screen click the SEARCH block as indicated below.
  • If your search area looks like the one below, please click RESET first and then continue with the patient's surname followed by a comma and the initial or first name.
  • Advanced Search can be used if you want to add your own search criteria to refine your search. Select criteria from the drop-down menu. To remove criteria, click on the minus.
  • Double click on the line of the patient‘s images that you would like to open. Wait for the images to load. If you are using an ADSL connection and opening a study with multiple images this might take a while. You will see the message NO IMAGES LOADED until the download is complete. If you see the message STUDY RETRIEVAL IN PROGRESS your study is stored on the archive and it will take longer to retrieve. If you see COULD NOT SHOW PATIENT please contact the PACS helpline.
  • Click on the TEXT block to view the report. If you are using an ADSL connection it will take a few seconds to load.
  • In the text screen there is also a STUDY LIST where previous images and reports can be found. To view the report click on the line, to view the images click on the block (an eye will appear if it is open) and navigate to the image area using the IMAGE button (top left corner)

To navigate back to the worklist / search area, navigate to the image area and close the patient at the tab at the bottom. It is recommended to close every patient after opening it to keep the program responding optimally. Alternatively you could click on the word LIST right at the top of your screen.

PACS Helpline: 083 607 4613

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