Digital Imaging

Morton & Partners are proud to advise that all of our nine branches are now fully digital.


What this means for the patient is the following:

The patient is required to fill out the information form only ONCE! All information will be stored on our RIS. This enables any one of our nine practices to access the information, thus eliminating tedious paperwork and duplicate entries.

All the data is passed onto the radiographers, in the form of a worklist. This promotes efficient workflow and enables the radiographer to ensure correct and precise billing.

The images along with all the relevant billing and patient information is sent through to the radiologist, who will double check the data, report and sign the case off.

All information is rechecked to ensure data integrity and accurate billing.

Images are now almost instantly available to clinicians and referrers in and around the hospital.

Ultimately this sytem reduces the long waiting times and improves the service delivered to the patient.

Morton & Partners are committed to delivering a top quality service to our referrers and their patients, by making use of the latest technology.


Morton & Partners are committed to delivering a superior service to our referring doctors and their patients.


Our PACS team is dedicated to assist all our patients and referrers in this changed environment.

Dr Ebrahim Kader Team Leader

Achmat Salie Radiographic Services Manager

Duncan Risien IT Manager 083 617 6260

Lizelle Van Antwerpen PACS Liaison Manager 083 232 2272

Selma Mukheiber PACS Administrator 083 607 4613

PACS 24 HOUR HELPLINE 083 607 4613


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