Referrer Platforms

Morton & Partners is committed to delivering a superior service to our referrers and their patients, through the use of the latest in technological innovation.

All of our branches are fully digital, eliminating paperwork and increasing the accessibility to patient information through any of our imaging platforms.
Images and reports are now practically instantly available to clinicians and referrers.

Images along with all the relevant billing and patient information are sent through to our radiologist, who will double check the data, report and sign the case off.
This promotes efficient workflow and assists Morton & Partners to continuously insure a higher standard of service delivery to referrers and patients alike.

Should you need assistance to access any of the below platforms, please contact our support centre:

(021) 276 2019
Business hours: 08:00 – 17:30

After hours (emergency number): (083) 607 4613

Disclaimer: Automated analysis software may have been used to generate a preliminary report on the findings in this study. These results should not be deemed as a final and conclusive report. Any clinical decisions should be based on the final radiologists’s report, and any unreported discrepancies should be discussed with the radiologist.

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