Web viewer XERO:

  • In internet explorer type in
  • User name and password is the same as for IMPAX log on
  • Opening screen = search screen
  • On the search screen: Type in your search criteria, eg. Search by patient name, then type in the Patient Name field the surname followed by a comma and then the initial or first name.
  • Select the study you want to see by simply clicking on the line in which the exam display
  • Your study opens as below – report on left side, images on right side
  • To see only the images on a larger view, click the X on the report screen

  • If there is more than one image in the screen, it will display at the top like this -click on the arrow to move to the next image
  • To go back to your main search screen, simply click on the SEARCH button on the search tab on the top left hand corner
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