Morton & Partners Radiologists, Cape Town, South Africa


Morton & Partners, 5th Floor, 5 St Georges    

   St Georges Mall, Cape Town    



        Tel:  021 4253100     Fax:  021 4252369



Our Pledge and Vision:

  • We aim to consolidate and develop our position as the radiology practice and employer of choice in Cape Town.
  • Our prime responsibility is to provide highly efficient, courteous and compassionate clinical services to our patients, whose rights of privacy, comfort and safety are paramount.
  • We will behave in an honest and fair manner to our patients, to our supporters and to each other.
  • We will meet the requirements of our referring clinicians by the provision of a world class diagnostic radiology service.
  • Our work will always be shaped by the highest ethical principles.
  • We will strive to maintain service excellence through ongoing medical education and training and with the responsible introduction of new technologies.



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