Please contact any of our branches directly to make an appointment.
MRI bookings can be done via our centralised MRI booking centre.

No booking is needed for X-Ray examinations.
Please note that emergency procedures will take priority.
An appointment is however required for any other procedure.

  • What you need to make your appointment: 
          • Referral letter from your doctor or healthcare provider
          • Medical Aid card (if applicable)
          • Identity document (ID, Passport)
          • WCA paperwork for any IOD claims

        Please arrive 15-20 minutes before your appointment to complete patient information and consent forms.

        For certain procedures, special preparation is needed prior to your exam.
        Our team will inform you of any preparations at the time of making your booking or visit our Service page for more information about your procedure.

        PLEASE NOTE: If you are diabetic, suffer from kidney disorders (especially renal failure), pregnant or have a known allergy, particularly to radiographic dyes (contrast), then please let us know so that we may determine which test is most suitable for you.

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