XERO Viewer

What is XERO? XERO is a web-based medical imaging service intended for use by all our referring physicians or healthcare professionals. It provides access to radiology images and reports. What does XERO do?¬† XERO enables authenticated users to search for and display available patient studies (reports and images) using a browser on a PC or … Continued

Portal (beta)

*Portal is currently a Beta test platform and only available to selected referrers. What is Portal? Portal is a web-based imaging platform specifically designed to access patient reports and images from anywhere and at any time. This web-based platform integrates with XERO Viewer to provide quick access to referrers with high volumes of daily cases … Continued

Enterprise Imaging (EI)

What is EI? EI is a specialised platform that offers advanced imaging tool intended for certain specialist clinicians, such as orthopaedic surgeons and oncologists. Please¬†note The Clinical Workstation is intended for non-diagnostic clinical review. Due to the high level of computer resource requirements to run EI, the platform is only installed for specific specialists where … Continued