Your mammogram questions answered!

When it comes to healthcare, knowledge is power, and staying informed about preventive measures is crucial. Mammograms are a vital tool in the early detection of breast cancer, and understanding the process and importance of these screenings can alleviate anxiety and encourage women to prioritize their health. Recently, our mammography expert, Guste Freitag, answered some of the most pressing questions about mammograms. One common question addressed in the interview was, “Who should get mammograms?” Guste … Continued

M&P Unveils Cutting-Edge BlueSeal Helium-Free MR Magnet at Melomed Mitchells Plain Hospital

Morton & Partners Radiologists, a leading healthcare provider in Cape Town and surrounding areas, is proud to announce a groundbreaking addition to their diagnostic capabilities with the installation of the revolutionary Blueseals Helium-Free MR Magnet, ushering in a new era of advanced medical imaging for the Mitchells Plain community. The BlueSeal Helium-Free MR Magnet is set to redefine the standards of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) technology. With this cutting-edge system, Morton & Partners Radiologists will provide … Continued

Dr Marc Jordaan attain sought-after EDiNR qualification

At Morton & Partners Radiologist, we take immense pride in recognizing and celebrating the remarkable achievement of one of our esteemed partners. It is with great pleasure that we extend our warmest congratulations to Dr. Marc Jordaan on successfully passing the prestigious European Diploma in Neuroradiology. The ESNR Neuroradiology Qualification is a prestigious certification offered by the European Society of Neuroradiology (ESNR) and represents the highest standard of expertise and knowledge in the field of neuroradiology. Professionals who … Continued

Dr Jacqueline Kieck completed European Diploma in Breast Imaging

We are proud to announce that Dr Jacqueline Kieck has successfully passed her European Diploma in Breast Imaging, making her one of only 3 radiologists in the country to achieve this qualification. The European Diploma in Breast Imaging is endorsed by the European Society of Radiology (ESR).

Radiography Day 2022

On November 8, medical imaging professionals from across the world will celebrate the eleventh International Day of Radiology (IDoR 2022). We encourage all radiologists, radiographers, radiological technologists and professionals in other related fields to join together on this day to recognise and promote the essential role that radiology plays in the patient journey. As always, the International Day of Radiology will take place on November 8 with the aim of building greater awareness of … Continued

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