Coronavirus information

As an essential service all our branches will be open. 

Morton & Partners Radiologists is a radiology practice and falls under the essential healthcare services as defined by the National Department of Health, we will therefore, remain open during the COVID-19 (Corona virus) lockdown(s).

Tips for patients:

We advise patients who have an appointment for screening studies (such as annual routine Mammograms and Bone Mineral Density Scans) to please reschedule for a date after the National Lockdown. This is to reduce the risk of possible exposure for non-urgent cases. In other words, these are scans that are viewed as “general check-up”, most times not referred by a clinician.

Should you have a scheduled appointment at any Morton & Partners branch, please use your appointment confirmation (emailed to you) as proof for authorities during the National Lockdown. This will include contact details and date/time stamps to allow you to travel to your intended appointment.


The MRI room is kept cold (17 – 21° C ) to ensure an appropriate working environment for the machine’s magnets. Under normal circumstance, our MRI radiographer will provide the patient with a blanket, however, following the recent outbreak of Covid-19 and the hygiene protocol associated with it, we will not be providing patients with blankets when undergoing a MRI scan at any of our departments. We, therefore, encourage patients to bring warmer clothes (for example cotton lounge wear or winter pajamas) for the exam. Depending on the type of MRI study you might be required to wear the provided medical gown.

Note the clothing should have no jewellery, zippers or wiring as this will affect the overall image quality.

Official SA Corona Virus updates: 

For verified updates, regulations and instructions from on the Corona Virus in South Africa visit:
SA Corona Virus Online Portal

How we are protecting our patients: 

Our patients and staff are our TOP PRIORITY and we are taking all the necessary steps to ensure that we curb the spread of COVID-19 (Corona Virus). We’ve always followed the highest possible hygiene standards, but in addition to our current protocols we have also decided to implement the following:

  • – COVID-19 Screening at each department’s entrance to intercept suspected Corona virus patients.
  • – Entry to our department has also been restricted to PATIENTS only.
  • All patients will be asked to wear a mask
  • Only adult companion for children and frail patients will be allowed. 
  •  – Hand Sanitiser stations available at door and throughout the department.
  • – Increased frequency throughout the day of overall cleaning/disinfecting and surface wipe down
  • – To allow social distancing patients will be seated with one seat apart, where possible.
  • – We would also like to assure you that when dealing with infected patients, our staff are trained and equipped to limit the spread of the COVID-19 virus.
  • Our teams will also wear a mask/ clear face shield during your exam.
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