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NewTom 7G Cone Beam CT: Revolutionizing Clinical Imaging with Enhanced Patient Comfort

The NewTom 7G, available at Morton & Partners Vincent Pallotti, is engineered to provide clinicians with greater insights in bone imaging.

Cone beam CT (CBCT) has traditionally been used in dental imaging. The NewTom 7G Multi-Scan Body system has made it possible, for the first time, to apply Cone Beam technology to all areas of the body, including the spine, shoulder and hip.

Enhancing Diagnostic Capacity and Treatment Analysis

A standout feature of the NewTom 7G is its ability to enhance diagnostic capability, going beyond traditional imaging techniques, to provide accurate, three-dimensional renderings of various anatomical areas. This cutting edge technology is especially beneficial for:

  • Shoulder Imaging including 3D renderings with Axial views.
  • Improved imaging of joints (shoulder, hip etc) affected by Osteoporosis and/or Arthritis
  • Peadiatric fractures require specialized care and lower exposure to radiation. The NewTom 7G ensures that clinicians have access to detailed images to plan surgery and monitor healing.
  • Imaging patient with metalwork in situ. Enhanced imaging with reduced beam-hardening artifact from metalwork has revolutionized post operative imaging.

Enhanced Patient Comfort: A Key Component

The NewTom 7G’s fully motorized patient table, with considerable excursion and a minimum height of 56.5 cm, ensures easy access at all times. The extremely precise three-dimensional table movement guarantees perfect patient positioning within each Field of View (FOV), reducing the risk of artefacts caused by uncontrolled movement. This level of precision also ensures accurate alignment of the FOVs, making results more certain and minimizing X-ray exposure.

Optimized Gantry Design

The NewTom 7G features a large gantry improving the experience for patients who suffer from claustrophobia.

The large gantry also enables certain peripheral images in the seated position. Its ability to provide precise and detailed images while prioritizing patient comfort and safety makes it an indispensable tool for healthcare professionals seeking to optimize their diagnostic and treatment capabilities.

Expanded Procedure Capabilities

In addition to diagnostic imaging, the NewTom 7G enables a wide range of image guided procedures, including CT guided joint infiltrations, arthrograms, lumbar punctures (LP), nerve blocks, and pain management interventions. This versatility enhances the utility of the CBCT system, providing comprehensive care options for patients in need of both imaging and minimally invasive procedures with reduced radiation exposure and exceptional accuracy.

The NewTom 7G is a remarkable achievement in the field of medical imaging, offering a comprehensive solution for a wide range of clinical applications.
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