Portal (beta)

Portal (beta)

*Portal is currently a Beta test platform and is only available to selected referrers.

What is Portal?
Portal is a web-based imaging platform specifically designed to access patient reports and images from anywhere and at any time. This web-based platform integrates with XERO Viewer to provide quick access to referrers with high volumes of daily cases or practice at multiple hospitals.

What does Portal do? 
Portal will create pre-configured widgets (worklists) for frequently used searches, such as My Patients for the last 5 days at Cape Town Hospital or Patients Today at Rondebosch Hospital. If needed, Morton & Partners will be able to customize these widgets on a case-by-case basis.

Why use Portal?
Portal will allow quick access to frequently used searches with just a single click and provide referrers access to their patient’s reports and images anywhere and at any time.

How do I access Portal?
Access Portal by going to portal.morton.co.za and using your login details to access the patient’s information. In the event you do not know your password or have forgotten it please click the “Forgot Password” option at the bottom and follow the prompts.

Should you be locked out of your account due to too many failed logins, our support team can assist.
Contact our support centre for assistance: (021) 276 2019
After hours (emergency) number: (083) 607 4613

System Preferences:
Portal is a web-based imaging platform and is thus system agnostic (i.e. will work on Windows, MacOS, iOS and Android).
Our IT team recommends using Chrome to access Portal for an optimal user experience.

Need help?
Please click here to download our quick start guide.

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