The Future of Radiology Shines Bright: A Glimpse into Tomorrow’s Healthcare with Morton & Partners Bursary Recipient Morton & Partners, we are proud to support the next generation of radiology professionals through our bursary program. One such bright star is currently illuminating our path: a dedicated student, Jaime Dreyer, eager to make a difference in the world of healthcare. Jaime, a recipient of the Morton & Partners Bursary for 2024, is currently undertaking their first year of Radiology at CPUT. Their journey is not just a personal one; it is a … Continued

The Brave Buddy Campaign: Combining Comfort with Care

At the heart of Morton & Partners Radiologists is the Brave Buddy campaign, a testament to their dedication to not just medical excellence but also patient support. Recognizing the anxiety and fear that MR and CT scans can invoke in their youngest patients, Morton & Partners took a step beyond conventional medical care. They introduced the Brave Buddy – a soft, plush toy given to children between the ages of 1 and 8, turning a … Continued

NewTom 7G Cone Beam CT: Revolutionizing Clinical Imaging with Enhanced Patient Comfort

The NewTom 7G, available at Morton & Partners Vincent Pallotti, is engineered to provide clinicians with greater insights in bone imaging. Cone beam CT (CBCT) has traditionally been used in dental imaging. The NewTom 7G Multi-Scan Body system has made it possible, for the first time, to apply Cone Beam technology to all areas of the body, including the spine, shoulder and hip. Enhancing Diagnostic Capacity and Treatment Analysis A standout feature of the NewTom … Continued

Unveiling the Phillips BlueSeal MRI: A Closer Look with Morton & Partners Mitchells Plain

Following the momentous launch of the Phillips BlueSeal MRI at Morton & Partners Mitchells Plain, a behind-the-scenes exploration awaits. Join our journey as we delve deeper into this groundbreaking technology, accompanied by insights from Phillips’ Apps Specialist and our dedicated medical team. In a special video presentation, our team and the Phillips Apps Specialist provide an overview of the features and capabilities that make the Phillips BlueSeal MRI a game-changer in the world of medical … Continued

First of Kind CT launced at Rondebosch Medical Centre

Healthcare technology is about so much more than just the tech. It’s about making a difference in people’s lives and creating real-life impacts. At #MortonandPartners, our mission is to continuously invest in innovative technology and make healthcare more accessible to all. Introducing the Philips Incisive CT 128 Premium, launched today at our Rondebosch Medical Centre branch, the first of its kind in South Africa! Let’s take a step forward to creating a healthier future for … Continued

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