How to request a PET-CT

  1. PET-CT’s can only be requested by oncologists or specialist physicians by completing the Cape PET/CT request form, available at the below link:

PET CT request form

  1. Please complete the form as thoroughly as possible and share it with your preferred branch to book.
  2. The Morton team will assist with obtaining the booking and confirming the patient’s appointment.


The form will be shared with medical aid for authorisation, should the patient: 

    • – have a oncology benefit available, the medical aid authorisation usually takes 3 – 5 working days, but this can depend on the medical aid or the indication for the scan. Further documents are often requested by the medical aid or the request is sent to the clinical advisor of the medical aid – this may cause a delay in authorisation. This emphasises the importance of completing an in depth clinical history including attachments of histology reports, radiology reports and other relevant procedures.
  • – NOT be on medical aid, and they would like to pay cash for the investigation, please state this on the request form.  A quote can be obtained and our accounts department will liaise with the patient regarding payment terms and conditions (if applicable).










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