What to expect

If you have been referred to us by your physician to go for an X-ray you do not have to book an appointment. Note that emergency cases will, however, be prioritised.

On the day of your exam (depending on the area of study), you might be asked to wear a gown.

Before your procedure starts, the radiographer will position you on the X-ray table to best display the area of study. You may be asked to wear a lead shield to help protect certain parts of your body.

Once you are in position the radiographer will manoeuvre the X-ray machine into the desired position and then walk behind a wall or into the adjacent room to activate the X-ray machine.
You must try to hold very still, and may be asked to keep from breathing for a few seconds while the X-ray picture is taken, to ensure the quality of the image.

X-ray examinations are painless.
In some cases, you may experience discomfort due to the positioning requested by the radiographer or from your injury.

During the exam, you might be repositioned a few times should images be required from a different angle.

When the examination is complete, you may be asked to wait until the radiologist determines that all the necessary images have been obtained. The exam time is generally dependant on the area of study and the number of images required.

The average time for procedure: 10 – 25 minutes
The average time is dependent on the area and the complexity of your procedure and the number of images required.

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