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Before and after the Bone Mineral Density (BMD) scan

BMD’s or Bone Density Scans are simple, safe, and painless. Bone Mineral Density scans are extremely precise and are one of the most accurate methods available for measuring bone density. Using ultra-low dose x-ray, the BMD machine scans and measures bone mineral density at various parts of the body, usually the lumbar spine and hips.

Before the Bone Mineral Density scan:
If you have been referred by your physician or would like to go for your routine check-up, you can book an appointment at any of our branches.

      • No special preparation is required for a BMD.

It is helpful, but not essential, to wear loose fitting, comfortable clothing without metal buttons, buckles, fasteners or zippers, as metal objects interfere with the scan. A gown or sheet will be provided if clothing needs to be removed.

A BMD scan does involve a very small dose of radiation, which makes this test unsuitable for women who are or might be, pregnant.

If you have had spinal surgery, particularly with metallic implants, or hip surgery (hip replacements, screws or pins) you will need to inform the radiographer performing the scan who might decide to avoid that area.

After the Bone Mineral Density scan:
Digital images and reports will be made available to your referring doctor once our expert radiologists have completed their diagnosis.
There are no side effects after the BMD scan.

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