CT Imaging

Cost of CT

Patients regularly ask about CT scan costs South Africa. Morton & Partners charge the specified medical aid rate for most examinations as determined by your medical scheme. In certain circumstances, a co-payment may be required based on your medical aid plan details, alternatively if your benefits are depleted.

We advise patients to review their medical aid plan details prior to making their appointment. Immediate settlement of the shortfall will be required at the time of service.

Should pre-authorisation be required by the medical aid scheme, we can provide assistance in applying for pre-authorisation.
Please note that pre-authorisation is not a guarantee of payment and the account remains the responsibility of the patient to settle.

For private-paying patients, the account will be rendered at the standard private rate of Morton & Partners.
All non-South African residents will be required to settle their radiology account in full on the day of examination or discharge from the hospital if admitted as an in-patient at the time of the examination.

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