CT Imaging

Before and after the CT

Before the CT scan:
Before administering the contrast media, the radiographer will ask if you have any allergies.
Should you have allergies, asthma, heart conditions, renal disease or diabetes mellitus (particularly important for patients taking Metformin) please bring this to the attention of the radiologist as such conditions may need special precautions to be implemented.

For this purpose, except in emergencies, booking an appointment is essential.
Clear instructions of special preparations will be given at the time of booking your appointment

If you suspect you might be pregnant notify our receptionist in advance, as this type of examination may be supplanted by an alternative procedure.

The radiographer begins the procedure by positioning you on the CT table. If necessary, pillows will be used to help hold you in the correct position during the scan.

As the study proceeds, the table will move through the CT scanner while the images are taken.
The amount of movement is dependent on the area of the body being examined. If a larger area is scanned you will definitely feel the table moving.

Sometimes you will be asked to hold your breath during the scan.

After the procedure:
Digital images and reports will be made available to your referring doctor once our expert radiologists have completed their diagnosis.

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