MR Arthrography

MR Arthrography is used to take detailed pictures of your joints.

Firstly, a thin needle is used to inject the contrast to the joint. The addition of this fluid enhances the quality of the examination.
The radiologist may use a local anaesthetic to numb the injected area. In some cases, a small amount of medication may also be administered.
During the injection of the contrasting agent, patients may feel slight, temporary pressure or discomfort as the joint is distended.

Following the arthrography, the MRI scan is conducted for the defined area.

After the procedure:
Patients may resume non-strenuous activities immediately after the procedure, but should avoid strenuous activity for 24 hours.
There may be mild discomfort following the exam, but this should abate within 1-2 days.
You may apply ice to the joint and take a mild analgesic. Avoid aspirin.

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