MRI Brain

MRI is the best radiological tool available for imaging the brain and blood vessels in the brain.
It can be used to diagnose and evaluate many conditions, of which a few are listed:
• Finding the cause of headaches
• Tumours of the brain
• Early diagnosis of a stroke
• Developmental abnormalities of the brain
• Vascular pathology
• Disorders of the inner ear
• Pathological conditions of the eyes
• Disease of the pituitary gland

You will be required to lie on your back during the examination.

A special frame-like piece of equipment called a coil, will be placed over your face. However, it will not touch your face. An eye mask is available should you prefer, find out more about what you can expect on our What to Expect MRI page.
Your head will be positioned in the middle of the MRI magnet, which means that only half of your body will be inside the “tunnel”.

The success of the MRI relies largely on your cooperation, since any yawning, coughing, chewing, snoring or excessive movement of the eyes or face will interfere with the scan.
This may cause the images to be less than optimal.

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