Ultrasound Imaging

Trans-rectal Ultrasound*

Used for assessment of the prostate and seminal vesicles in the male patient.
This examination may be combined with a biopsy of the prostate, if indicated. The examination is generally less uncomfortable than a routine digital examination by your doctor.
The biopsy procedure requires several needle pricks through the wall of the rectum directly into the prostate gland and can take another five to ten minutes – it is a mildly uncomfortable procedure.
After the procedure, you can expect some rectal bleeding and there is usually blood staining of the urine for a few days.

This is a highly specialized examination and booking an appointment is essential.
Preparation requires an empty rectum, so a laxative suppository is inserted 2 hours before the procedure. If a biopsy of the prostate is planned, antibiotic tablets will be prescribed, to be taken 2 hours prior to the test.
A preparation pack with full instructions, tablets and suppository can be obtained from reception at any of our hospital branches.

We usually perform a routine abdominal scan first with a full bladder to assess the kidneys and the ability of the bladder to empty, so you will be asked to drink three glasses of water an hour before your appointment.

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