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Dereshni Daniels

Dereshni Daniels 
Human Resources Manager 
BTech Degree: HR Management

Dereshni joined the practice in February 2021, as Head of Human Resources.
She describes herself as a creative, dynamic HR Leader with an extensive record of success assuming control of challenging situations and delivering organisational transformation through identification and development of critical capabilities and strategic direction.

This focus includes management excellence, organisational development, change management and employee excellence while assisting the business in meeting its overall goals and commitments.

“HR’s is the architect of growing and nurturing people to realise the full potential at their place of work and I am a builder and want to continue to make companies and its people better at what they do.”

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About: Dereshni’s career, spanning 26 years and has extensive experience in manufacturing, government, telecommunication and FMCG industries multiple, global business and functions. She believes in clearly defining performance benchmarks, open communication and “putting people first”. This vibrant, born and bred Capetonian loves going for walks with her kids and recently became and avid gym-goer, which fits perfectly into her life motto of living a healthy, balanced life.
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